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Can I bring/buy you a gift?

First and foremost thank you ever so much for your generosity and kindness. Gifts are never expected but always accepted with gratitude. Click here for my wishlist. :)

Do you take dress requests? 

I prefer to dress how I would like which is usually refined, classy and feminine. Lingerie requests are ok but for anything else please add £50 to my total fee.

Do you offer filming?

Yes, please add £100 to my fee for this experience. Personal use only.


Do you offer incalls?

Yes, but only for bookings of minimum 2 hours :)

What are your interests?

Arts; music; creative industries; culture; history; the law; travelling; eating out; new experiences; laughter; horseback riding; hiking; galleries; city breaks; animals; high fashion; classic cars; Renaissance; Baroque; countryside walks; cosy nights in; french kissing; cars; business; journalism; classic movies; fine wine; rose champagne; gin and tonic; prosecco; Italian food; Michelin star restaurants; intimacy; comedy; psychotherapy; psychology; philosophy; Paris; London; Vienna; coffee; roses; flowers; painting; candles; fragrances. 

What is your favourite kind of booking?

Great company and great chemistry. ​

Are you independent? 

Yes! I am 100% independent. I will respond to all your communication directly, and I do not and will not work alongside any agencies or third parties. I briefly worked with various reputable agencies for two months recently but didn't enjoy the concept or experience and now work solely independently. Personally, I would encourage clients to book providers via their independent ads.​

Do you see couples?

Yes, for an additional fee of £200 per hour.​

You can find general etiquette, availability, bookings etc in my Etiquette section :) 

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